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New and Innovative Life Saving Devices

Maritime evacuation slide from Cape May-Lewes Ferry

This is the third webinar in a series presented by the WFSA, and builds upon two very timely virtual events, both well attended. The first dealt with “Ferry Design and Operation in a Time of Covid” and the second covered “Smarter Maritime Knowledge” with a focus on digitalization in the ferry sector (including technology for training, for assessing team performance, and for remote vessel surveys).

You can access the webinar by clicking here. Contact ferrysafety -at- for more information.

Ferry Design and Operations in the Time of Covid

Dear Colleagues,

The webinar, Ferry Design and Operations in the Time of Covid, can be found here.

For more in-depth information, here is a bibliographic resource.

And for some pleasure and comfort, here is the music video prelude, Dusk, by the Josh Levinson Septet.

More webinars about new forms of remote maritime knowledge transfer; about innovative life-saving; and beyond the horizon vessel designs, including by awardees of the international student design competition, are in the planning phase. For more information, contact ferrysafety -at-


The Worldwide Ferry Safety Association is a not-for-profit dedicated to bringing innovation in training methods, as well as use of technology to provide notification for sudden hazardous weather, curb overloading, and enhance marine rescue technology. We encourage innovative new ideas in ferry safety and design. To that end WFSA is sponsoring a design competition for safe affordable ferries. The competition is open for registration now. Those interested, please contact us at info at ferrysafety dot org.